This treehouse had been intended as a surprise for the two youngest family members. For this reason, we only had a short period of two weeks to work our magic and transplant the semi-barrel-shaped hut, which had been prefabricated in our workshop, into the small group of trees consisting of two pines and one spruce tree.

The octagonal platform resting on a triangular frame is attached to the trunks by means of chains such that it will neither hinder movements of the trees due to wind nor will it be damaged even in the case of tumultuous action.

As construction material for round rods and square timbers, terrace planks, stairs and handrails, we have used local larch tree wood. The vertical elements of the handrail are made from weathered vitis canes. The interior view of the semi-circular roof exhibits spruce boards in tongue-and-groove-arrangement, being covered by a hemp insulation of 5 centimetres in width and an anthracite-coloured corrugated sheet.

The hut is essentially composed of restored and refurbished finds such as old wall panels, steel-framed windows, a cupboard door as well as rather antique windows we have painted with coloured linseed oil colours.

Already on the official “opening day”, the children wanted to spend the night in their villa!