The idea was to create a “spiritual place” for undisturbed and peaceful yoga practice and energy work in the treetops. I decided to place the platform of ca. 20m² between the maple tree and the two ash trees, which stand on the upper edge of the property in the outskirts of Vienna.

Due to the large distance of about 5 metres between the trees, large wood dimensions were necessary for the supporting structure. Therefore, I was glad to have four helpers for the anchoring of the heavy larch logs at 5 metres above the ground. These flexibly laid rods were not bolted on, but they were braced against the trunks. Partly, they rest on the branches. The platform can be reached by climbing up the stairs that lead around the trunk of the maple tree, with a built-in resting place about halfway through. The platform is made of rounded poling boards and is surrounded by a fence made of half round bars.

The view of the city from the platform is breathtaking!

Whether we’ll put up a hut, a tent, a yurt, a canvas, or nothing at all in the future has not been decided yet.