Austrian winter months are not ideal for building treehouses. I was longing for the green of the trees all winter, which let my imagination run romantically wild, so I used the usually rather unproductive time span to realise prototypes that measure up to my dream of becoming one with the tree top.


Soul swing 1

Using hemp ropes, the soul swing 1, a loose basketwork made from hazel bushes and willow twigs, is suspended horizontally from an ash tree at a height of seven metres. The cylinder, fitted with a sleeping pad and offering a view into the canopy, can be reached via a weathered wooden ladder. If you want to be invisible for a moment, you can just lie up there and let yourself be rocked to inner peace.


Soul swing 2

Instead of basketwork, the soul swing 2 consists of cleft chestnut paling that is fixed on two steel rings of about 90 cm in diameter. The two steel rings are fitted with two eyelets each to attach the hemp ropes.

Soul swing 2 hangs from the strong branch of a plane tree and it is used for swinging and relaxation.


Soul swing 3

This time, bamboo poles substitute for the basketwork and paling. They are attached to two steel rings of one metre in diameter.

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