During a rainy spring, characterized by nearly daily heavy showers or thunderstorms, the Hobbit family was eventually tired of permanently getting their rear ends wet in their muddy earthen hut. Following much pondering, Papa Hobbit finally developed a bold idea on a sunny day in May: “What about setting up our new camp under the shelter of a tree top? Would rain still succeed in harming us under the densely leaved tree top?”

That very day, the bush drums announced his search for two brave craftsmen for building an unprecedented hobbit tree house. These were to be companions free of giddiness, of strong stature and endurance, and this adventure would not be to their disadvantage, that much was sure…

Rather soon he had chosen a very old tree whisperer as master builder, whose reputation was known far across all borders. He had taken a young carpenter into his service, who liked to climb trees for his life and who used to secure himself with a liana, because at home, in his damp cave, he still had two more hungry mouths to feed.

The unlike pair started working the very same day. The two picked up obsolete and weathered vineyard wood, which the human beings had left them for a few morels, the hiding places of which are well known only to the Hobbits.

Firstly, they carpentered the dented wood using their small axes, at a vertiginous height, cursing and groaning, into a 10m 2 large platform, which is divided into two halves by a mighty crutch of the knotty oak. On the one side of the crutch, they joined hundreds of vineyard sticks crosswise in such a way that these formed the walls of the Hobbit hut.

Above, there is provided a semi-circular roof made of arched branches, sealed with numerous animal hides to protect against rain. The other side of the crutch was soon embellished with a table and chairs from the old Hobbit hut.

Now was the time that the entire Hobbit family could move into their airy but dry home. Conjointly, they hoisted Granny Hobbit over the two bumpy ladders up into her airy home, which she henceforth intends to leave only in exchange for her seat in the VIP stand at the annual Hobbit Games.