Directly adjacent to a former glass factory dating from the 18th century that has been lovingly restored, there is situated the age-old damson tree having a circumference of nearly incredible 160 centimetres. The platform was installed slightly above the first bifurcation, consisting of time-tested larch round rods and boards resting on the trunk. Five branches grow there through, offering at the surface a picturesquely modelled “labyrinth” having various seatings. The vertical elements of the handrail are composed of driftwood worn by beavers as well as weathered vitis canes.

The long drawn-out march temperatures of up to 12 degrees below zero as well as light snowfall represented a definitive challenge for my fingertips. They, however, also made for the condition that the little pond, above which a part of the platform is now floating, was covered by a solid sheet of ice ensuring dry feet during our work.

Maxi, the six-year-old ruler of the platform, helped me with imaginative ideas, always having a bright and watchful set of eyes on the progress of works from the window of his attic – whenever he was not occupied with school or homework.