When Marcus, a friend of mine who works as a gardener, asked me if I would help him with the realisation of a treehouse request, I fortunately had enough time resources, and within weeks we were able to accord the plans with our clients and start working on the treehouse.

The location: A lake property with a family home and a garden that slopes down steeply to the lake, at only 15 minutes from my workshop. Three cypresses with about 40 centimetres of trunk diameter form the foundation for Mia’s treehouse. The three trunks make up a triangle of about 2 metres of length of a side. With their thick boughs the cypresses are intertwined and they have been cut into a ball shape. In the middle of this open-top “sphere” is a hollow that is reminiscent of a spacious bird’s nest. This hollow is now home to the treehouse “cypress’ nest” and a little terrace with a view of the lake.

Materials: The platform consists of larch rods with larch planks and is secured by four wire ropes hanging from ring nuts that are screwed to the thread rods anchored in the trunks. Walls, floor and ceiling are made of waterproof pine plywood; the roof is slated with ventilated larch planks. Fittings, terrace door and windows were finds that were restored and painted with love. A poly-hemp net offers safety.