When Pia from the association Make A Wish asked me whether I could help to fulfill the wish of Christina, a 10-year-old girl suffering from cancer, time was of the essence. Christina wanted to move into her treehouse in the garden before going to hospital for a longer stay there, and summer was already coming to an end.

At our first meeting, an excited Christina welcomed me in front of her parents’ house in Gablitz. After brainstorming together, we decided to build a larch-wood terrace with a small hut on top of the garden shed as we couldn’t find a suitable tree in the garden.

Crossing a small bridge, one arrives at the terrace of ca. 14m² surrounded by a wooden banister, which has been fitted with poly-hemp nets. The larch-wood hut is equipped with windows from my fund, which we painted in bright colours. Following Christina’s wish that nobody should be allowed to enter her hut without her permission, we added a padlock to the door.