Here at treehouses, everything comes from a single source. At the beginning, I breathe in the natural environment of the location and let it sink in. This is how concrete visions of the most exciting possibilities of how to construct the stairs, the platform, or the hut take shape. After communicating these visions to the clients, we – the ‘treehouse pros’ – begin to attach bare larch poles within the treetops, treating the trees as gently as possible. It is only after the completion of the stairs and the platform that we construct the treehouse as such in our workshop; we then take the parts of the treehouse to the platform and finally build it there. We frequently use recycling materials, such as old factory windows or doors, or other found treasures like driftwood or vineyard poles.

Abenteuer Baumhaus

Adventure Treehouses.

What is it that makes us want to be close to trees? Do we want to simply rest in the shade of their leafy canopies or even to explore this enigmatic source of energy that lives in their powerful trunks? Is it the delicious odour of the forest floor and the singing of the birds in the tree tops or the irresistible call of nature that makes us touch their bark and smell it and listen carefully, as if by doing so we could ever persuade them to reveal their secrets? Do we climb trees out of the desire to be closer to the sky – to heaven – or in search for a retreat from everyday routine on the ground in the shelter of their crowns? Perhaps it is a combination of all these…



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