Baumhaus mit Jurte

Winter 2018/19 posed a new challenge for us: a platform on an impressive twin lime tree, some 7 metres above the forest floor of an outlying garden in the foothills of the Alps. In order to manufacture the substructure, we had once again to rely on climbing using ropes, as the majority of the attachment points were not accessible via ladders. The terrain surrounding the massive tree trunks was simply too steep, and as we also worked under snow conditions, it was rather slippery, too. In spite of our frozen fingers, working in pristine nature inspired us every single day anew. We really enjoyed spending time outdoors, listening to the singing birds that visited us high up in the tree top. As I have contemplated for quite a long time now to enlarge my offer of huts, we took pictures of the “naked” platform and then projected the picture of a yurt thereon. This yurt was bespoke tailored by the Jurtenwerkstatt ( in passionate handiwork.